Греъм Мастертън разкри впечатляваща библиография

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Писателят на ужаси Греъм Мастертън разкри обема на своята библиография пред фенове в социалната мрежа “Фейсбук”.
“Често ме питат колко книги съм написал, но ако трябва да съм откровен, бях им изгубил бройка”, казва авторът, издаван у нас с класиката “Маниту – Кошмар в Манхатън”. “Днес обаче реших, че е непрофесионално да отговарям с “няколко” и да махвам с ръка”.
Мастертън е преброил заглавията си и стигнал до уникалната бройка от 132 заглавия в най-различни жанрове – хорър, трилър, исторически романи, книги по филми, секс инструктори и хумористични романи. Греъм е написал и още 62 разказа, повече от които в жанра на ужаса.
Макар в “Цитаделата” да се опитваме да покрием най-интересното от автора, от тази бройка ми става ясно, че няма как да ревюираме всичко 😀 Може обаче да очаквате скоро наша рецензция за класическия фентъзи хорър на автора “Night Warriors” 🙂
Ето пълният списък с библиографията:

The Djinn (featuring Harry Erskine of The Manitou series), 1977
The Sphinx, 1978
Charnel House, 1978
The Devils of D-Day, 1978
The Hell Candidate, 1981
The Heirloom, 1981
The Wells of Hell (loosely based on H. P. Lovecraft’s short story “The Colour out of Space”), 1981
Tengu, 1983
The Pariah, 1983
Family Portrait (based on Oscar Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. Also published as Picture of Evil), 1985
Death Trance, 1986
Mirror (referencing Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass), 1988
Ritual (also published as Feast), 1988
Walkers, 1989
Black Angel (also published as Master of Lies), 1991
The Hymn (also published as The Burning), 1991
Prey (based on H. P. Lovecraft’s short story “The Dreams in the Witch House”), 1992[1]
The Sleepless, 1993
Flesh & Blood, 1994
Spirit (referencing Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen), 1995
The House That Jack Built, 1995
The Chosen Child, 1996
House of Bones, 1998
The Doorkeepers, 2001
Hair Raiser, 2001
Trauma (also published as Bonnie Winter), 2001
The Hidden World, 2003
The Devil In Gray, 2004
Unspeakable, 2004
Descendant 2006
Edgewise, 2006
The 5th Witch, 2008
Ghost Music, 2008
Fire Spirit, 2010
Forest Ghost (also published as Panic), 2013
Community, 2014
Scarlet Widow 2015

Manitou series

The Manitou, 1976
Revenge of the Manitou, 1979
Burial, 1991
Spirit Jump (short story in Faces of Fear), 1996
Manitou Blood, 2005
Blind Panic, 2009
Plague of the Manitou, 2015

Night Warriors series

Night Warriors, 1986
Death Dream, 1988
Night Plague, 1991
Night Wars, 2006
The Ninth Nightmare, 2011

Rook series

Rook, 1997
Tooth and Claw, 1997
The Terror, 1998
Snowman, 1999
Swimmer, 2001
Darkroom, 2004
Demon’s Door, 2010
Garden of Evil, 2012

Sissy Sawyer series

Touchy and Feely (also published as Ill Fortune, loosely based on the Beltway snipers), 2005
The Painted Man (also published as Death Mask), 2008
The Red Hotel, 2012

Nathan Underhill series

Basilisk, 2009
Petrified, 2011

Katie Maguire series

White Bones (also published as Katie Maguire and A Terrible Beauty), 2003
Broken Angels (also published as Voice of an Angel), 2012
Red Light, 2014
Taken for Dead, 2014
Blood Sisters, 2015
Eye for an Eye, (short story), 2015
Buried, 2016
Living Death, 2016
The Drowned (short story), 2016

Historical fiction

Heartbreaker (published as by Katherine Winston), 1978
Rich, 1979
Railroad (also published as Man of Destiny), 1981
Solitaire, 1982
Corroboree, 1984
Maiden Voyage, 1984
Lady of Fortune, 1984
Headlines, 1986
Silver, 1987
Lords of the Air, 1988
Empress, 1990


Fireflash 5 (also published as A Mile Before Morning), 1977
Plague, 1977
The Sweetman Curve, 1979
Famine, 1981
Ikon, 1983
Condor, 1984
Sacrifice, 1985
Genius (also published as Kingdom of the Blind), 1998
Holy Terror (also published as Plague of Terror), 1999
Innocent Blood (also published as Outrage), 2004
Chaos Theory, 2007
Rules of Duel (co-credited to William S. Burroughs), 2010 (written between 1964 and 1970)
Drought, 2014

Confessions series

Confessions of a Wanton Waitress, 1975
Confessions of a Racy Receptionist, 1976

Movie tie-ins

Inserts (as Anton Rimart), 1976
Phobia (as Thomas Luke), 1980

…of Fear – short story collections
Fortnight of Fear, 1994
Flights of Fear, 1995
Faces of Fear, 1996
Feelings of Fear, 2000
Festival of Fear, 2005
Figures of Fear, 2014

Short stories

Absence of Beast
A Polite Murder
The Ballyhooly Boy
Beijing Craps
Bridal Suite
The Burgers of Calais
Cold Turkey
Eau Noire
Edgewise (also published as Night of the Wendigo, short story not directly related to novel of the same name, although it features the character of John Shooks, serialised in issues #3, #4 and #5 of The Horror Express magazine, edited by Marc Shemmans)
Eric the Pie
Ever, Ever After
Evidence of Angles
Fairy Story
5A Bedford Row
Friend in Need
The Grey Madonna
Grease Monkey
The Heart of Helen Day
Heart of Stone
The Hungry Moon
Hurry Monster
I, The Martian
J.R.E. Ponsford
Jack Be Quick
The Jajouka Penis-Beetle
Laird of Dunain
Making Belinda
Men of Maes
Mother of Invention
Neighbors From Hell
Out of Her Depth
Picnic at Lac Du Sang
Pig’s Dinner
The Root of All Evil
Saint Joan
Saving Grace
The Scrawler
The Secret Shih-Tan
Sex Object
The Sixth Man
Son of Beast
Spirit Jump
Spirits of the Age
St. Bronach’s Shrift
Suffer Kate
The Sympathy Society
The Taking of Mr. Bill
Voodoo Child
Will (Cthulhu Mythos pastiche, features Yog-Sothoth)
The Woman in the Wall

Sex instruction books

Acts of Love (published as by Dr. Jan Berghoff), 1971
Your Erotic Fantasies (published as by Edward Thorne), 1971
Girls Who Said Yes (published as by Edward Thorne), 1973
How a Woman Longs to be Loved (published as by Angel Smith), 1974
How to be the Perfect Lover, 1975
Isn’t It Time You Did Something Kinky? (published as by Angel Smith), 1975
Sex is Everything (published as by Edward Thorne), 1975
How to be a Good Bad Girl (published as by Angel Smith), 1976
Women’s Erotic Dreams (and What They Mean), 1976
1,001 Erotic Dreams Interpreted, 1976
How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed, 1976
How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed, 1987
The High Intensity Sex Plan, 1977
More Ways to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed, 1985
Sex Secrets of the Other Woman, 1989
How to Drive Your Lover Wild in Bed (combined of How to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed and How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed), 1989
How to Make Love Six Nights a Week, 1991
Wild in Bed Together, 1992
Drive Him Wild, 1993
Single, Wild, Sexy… and Safe, 1994
How to Drive Your Man Even Wilder in Bed, 1995
How to Make His Wildest Dreams Come True, 1996
Secrets of the Sexually Irresistible Woman, 1998
The Seven Secrets of Really Great Sex, 1999
The Secrets of Sexual Play, 1999
Wild Sex for New Lovers, 2001
Up All Night, 2004

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